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The Municipal Water & Sewage Treatment Sector


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The best reason for the use of Albin Pump Hose pumps in this industry is the low maintenance of the pump. This industry readily accepts an average hose life of 1.500 - 3.000 hours in continuous duty and this hose life will provide much lower maintenance costs and repair time than with other pumps.

Basic Pump Requirements

For operation in an automatic system the following would seem to be widely accepted basic criteria for a
positive displacement pump:

1) The ability to handle sludges of varying thickness and solids content without any significant fall off in performance.
2) Large fluid passages able to pass solids, including solids of irregular shape and - most importantly - fibrous and rag type materials.
3) Reliable self priming.
4) A high degree of resistance to abrasive wear.
5) The ability to operate for extended periods with a totally dry or only partially submerged suction.
6) Reversibility. This is an important feature on applications involving the rag type material often found in sewage sludge. Reversing the direction of rotation is a simple, quick and effective means of removing blockages from suction 1ines.
7) Ease of maintenance with simple and rapid access to all components subject to wear.
8) As few components as possible in contact with the pumped material, (see 7 above).
9) Minimum routine maintenance.

Numerous pump types have been tried on automatic applications but the most widely and successfully employed appear to be lobe rotor, double disc and peristaltic designs. Of these, the former has probably been the most widely used to date while the latter, in heavy duty form, seems to offer the greatest. Scope for future development, as the Albin Pump peristaltic pump complies with all above mentioned points.

Extra features of the Albin Pump

  • Low shear
  • Especially where polyelectrolyte's are in the sludge
  • Glandless operation
  • Reduces housekeeping costs.
  • All the sewage works maintain clean image
  • More simple maintenance
  • Skilled labor not so freely available
  • True positive no-slip displacement
  • Invaluable for filter press processes where speed must be control led inversely to pressure.
  • Exceptional suction lift.

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