The new Caofeidian eco-city will be climate-neutral


Courtesy of Sweco

The whole new Caofeidian eco-city is emerging some 200 km southeast of Beijing. Urban planners, architects, engineers and technical consultants from Sweco have taken part in planning of the first phase, a 30 square km area that will be completed carbon neutral.

There is a rapid population influx to China’s metropolitan areas and the environmental problems are severe in many places. In the shadow of the countries megacities, plans are underway to build the new Caofeidian eco-city for a population of 1 million people some 250 km southeast of Beijing.

Sweco has been commissioned to perform an analysis and draw up a strategy for sustainable planning of the first phase of the city, covering an area of around 30 square km. Although the rapid pace of urbanisation presents major challenges for urban planners, the major cities also offer opportunities to address many problems. Cities are an excellent platform for the creation of smart solutions for energy, water and waste and the integration of structural and transport planning.

The goals are high in terms of ecological, economic and social sustainability. Among other things, Caofeidian is intended to be climate-neutral, using up to 95% renewable energy. The city is also planned to be flexible, resource- and cost-effective, accessible and, not least, beautiful.

Within the area Sweco will also plan for an exhibition building, a Sustainability Centre, for sustainable development that will market Swedish environmental engineering. The exhibition and information building will have an area of 20,000 square meters and will provide information about the city’s creation. The building will be climate-neutral and self-sufficient with renewable energy and will make use of advanced Swedish environmental technology solutions.

Adjacent to the Sustainability Centre, an ecological park built in which Caofeidian’s special eco-system will be accessible to the public. The park is divided into different wetland zones that are surrounded by walkways, docks and platforms that make it possible to study the ecology at close range and thereby contribute to a greater understanding of the sensitive, coastal biotopes.


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