The NEW ELiTE 5TD/CD2 vacuum pipe lifter

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Lifting world safety levels for vacuum pipe lifters higher than ever before, the new ELiTE 5TD/CD2 for PE and steel pipe demonstrates new state-of-the-art environmental and safety elements already praised and welcomed globally.     


 The ELiTE 5TD/CD2 vacuum pipe lifter stepped into the lower range of vacuum pipe lifters already manufactured for the oil, water and gas industries in July of this year. Currently operating in Qatar for Qatar Gas transport company Ltd and in Poland for Izostal, this new design is already being acknowledged as the way forward in vacuum based lifting technology. Signals received due to impressive customer feedback, already paves the way for larger Schoenbeck lifters to follow suit with this new concept in the very near future.  


The ELITE 5TD/CD2 can be equipped with an intermediate spreader bar for longer 18 - 24m PE pipe lengths permitting a stable lift. Although the current ELiTE 12TD would also easily do the same job, the advantages of a lighter and more compact lifter were obvious for lighter loads.

Due to the light compact design, customers with small sized excavator (30t) or less now take advantage of Schoenbeck’s equipment without having to upgrade their excavator tonnage.

Naturally with all Schoenbeck vacuum pipe lifters, the ELiTE 5TD/CD2 can be utilised for single or twin crane hook lifts.


For state-of-the-art safety

The ELiTE models are traditionally acknowledged as one of the safest pipe handler’s available around the world, this has now been underlined with the introduction of a new innovative smart safe lift system call the AoD. AoD is the abbreviation for “Anti object Drop” which excels your safety levels by minimising human error more than ever before.

So what exactly is AoD? Basically, the AoD is a mechanical action which automatically activates once a load has been taken. An electronic signal is sent to the lifter which shut down the functions of suction release mode (pipe release) until the load is safely situated on the ground/ stacked etc. Once the lifter recognises the load is no longer given, it automatically activates all modes for further pipe deployment. Although all ELiTE vacuum pipe lifter commands required twin button, simultaneous actions for safety reasons, this new safety feature really makes a huge plus in pipe lifting. Of course, all standard safety features such as flash lights for both insufficient vacuum and engine power failure accompanied by sirens for the same, are included as with check/ none release valves and a heavy duty magnetic solenoids for ambient temperatures as low as -40°C are all standard features.      


For the environment

During market research, Schoenbeck’s team were approached by many communal contractors with valid input and technical requests. Many stressed the importance of vacuum pipe lifting technology being equally of interest in populated urban areas as well as respecting the naturally environment in rural areas. The fundamental requirement and challenge was to achieve the lowest possible sound pressure level, but remain with diesel power. Although silent canopies were an option, incorporating a 2 cylinder water cooled diesel engine was commercially more attractive to both manufacture and end customers alike. The final result with the 2 cylinder water cooled diesel engine is an exceptionally low sound pressure level of only 76dB at 1m (3.2ft).

The onboard water cooling system supplied is another huge plus for extremely hot environments and naturally cooling fluids are today environmentally accepted.



For power and vacuum (negative pressure) supply

The robust 2 cylinder water cooled diesel engine from Kubota is directly injected from a 20ltr (4.3 gallons) capacity onboard tank built into the main body frame. Equipped with a full all-round engine surveillance system for oil and water level/ temperature, the automatic engine cut-off will activate within 3 seconds if necessary. Fuel level, water and oil temperatures are shown via digital meters on the wiring cabinet panel.

The vacuum tank/ reservoir provides a volume of 140ltrs, combined with a suitable dry running vane vacuum pump (80m³/ hr) a vacuum suction speed is reached within 1.5 – 2 seconds. 


For UV radiation protection

In some parts of the world, UV protection is underestimated in machinery manufacturing. Schoenbeck has acknowledged this requirement and applied UV protection where possible to ensure long life durability wherever applicable.


Basic technical data


Brand name:                             ELiTE 5TD/CD2 vacuum pipe lifter

SWL:                                       5000kg

Length:                                     2120mm

Width:                                      500mm

Height:                                     1035mm           (legs folded for lift, without crane eye)

Net weight:                               615kg               (without crane eye/ without rotator)



Suction pads

(Custom purpose manufactured suction pads are always possible)

Naturally for a smaller unit, a smaller type suction pad is obvious. Upholding the proven same slim line design, the pads for this model have been reduced from the standard length of 5700mm to a new suitable length of 2450mm.

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