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The One-Chip TV way

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In this paper, the following fundamental question is discussed: "How to create enough vitality in a team to react adequately to a market (r)evolution and be successful along the product creation process way until market dominance is reached?" Cultural and educational aspects are dealt with as key elements influencing the success. Through a self-analysis, it is illustrated how a company's success depends on people and people management. Recommendations deemed to be essential for the success of 21st Century companies are then given for a multicultural and multisite development programme. A common goal, clear responsibility, clear communication, clear roadmaps and planning of activities, and integrative process management are described from personal experiences and a demonstrated global success story. Last but not least, the whole process which led to rediscovering the fundamental value of ethics within our organisation and businesses is described.

Keywords: commitment, customer delight, ethics in management and business, freedom and responsibility, integral responsibility, intrinsic quality, market adequacy, one goal, team delight

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