The Perfect Commercial Carpet Cleaner for Retail Store Maintenance

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The cleaning demands in residential settings and commercial areas are completely different. For this reason, you must always purchase a high-quality commercial carpet cleaner for maintaining the challenging carpet maintenance jobs in your retail store. In addition to being reliable, efficient, and highly durable, the carpet cleaning machine must also include the latest cleaning technologies so that your carpets are clean, dry, and ready for use in a couple of hours. To ensure all this and more, always make your purchase from a leading supplier of high-grade cleaning equipment.

For the best cleaning results, it is highly recommended you purchase a heated version of commercial carpet cleaner that ejects hot water onto the carpeted surface. While the heat ensures complete removal of dirt deposits, a reliable extraction function eliminates all traces of dirt, grime, and food particles that find their way into your store. If you are worried about the damage that heat will do to your delicate carpets, here is the good news—carpet cleaning machines now come with adjustable temperature settings.

Low Moisture Cleaning Function
New versions of commercial carpet cleaner systems brought to you by leading distributors are notable for a number of innovative technologies, especially their low moisture cleaning capability. As the name suggests, this technology helps clean carpets using very little water. As the water content used is low, the drying time of carpets goes down as well.

A commercial carpet cleaner without the low flow function will leave your carpet extremely wet and thus extend the drying period up to 24 hours. On the other hand, a low flow carpet cleaner will get your carpets absolutely clean and dry in about two to six hours. Non-heated carpet extractors that use cold water for cleaning will leave your carpets dry in about 6 hours. Heated rug cleaners that eject hot water will allow carpets to dry out completely in two to four hours. The lower water usage and quicker drying periods offer many benefits for business areas like retail stores. Here is a look at some of these benefits:

  • Retail stores are high-traffic areas where carpets can turn grimy pretty fast. Using low flow carpet cleaners will help maintain carpets and have them ready for use before the store opens to the public.
  • Traditional carpet cleaning equipment uses large amounts of water for cleaning. If not dried properly, these carpets can develop mold and mildew. Thanks to the low water consumption of low flow carpet extractors, this risk is greatly reduced.
  • Due to high water usage, conventional rug cleaners can make it difficult for carpets to dry out completely. You can easily avoid this risk by choosing low flow carpet cleaning equipment.

To summarize, a heated version of low flow commercial carpet cleaning machines will be the perfect choice for maintaining your retail store. Check out the websites of leading suppliers to learn more about these carpet shampooers.


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