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The performance characteristics of rubber expansion joint


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Rubber Expansion Jointsmainly use the unique properties of rubber , such as high flexibility, high air tightness, chemical resistance and radiation resistance , high strength , thermal stability and strong polyester composite ply bias with the candidate , by high pressure , crosslinked molded high temperature , the internal high density, can withstand high pressure , the elastic deformation effect excellent product design section fox high , long curve , with a large number of shift function , especially for complex address conditions , sedimentation amplitude and piping hot and cold running frequent changes could easily lead to the displacement of physical damage due to an adverse reached rubber material, so it also is a good reducing vibration and noise transfer the ideal environmentally friendly products , the product design wall is smooth , the actual test for medium velocity, flow without any effect , and never rust , which can operate effectively exempt during repairs. 

Rubber Expansion Jointhas the following advantages : 1, high strength, high toughness , large torque . 2 , oil , acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, high temperature , long service life . The pipeline engineering design , construction, production and maintenance has brought great convenience and efficiency. Applicable line : Crude oil pipelines, gas pipelines, gas pipelines, to / drain lines , fuel pipelines, oil pipelines, sludge pipelines, pumping pipelines, power flushing pipes, cable protection pipes , water / fresh water pipelines , turbine pipeline , air-conditioning piping , fire lines , ventilation pipes , compressed air pipelines.

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