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The plume model MODIS: integration in the Hydro-Quebec shell

The comprehensive numerical model MODIS for the simulation of pollutant dispersion from a point source is integrated in the graphical shell of Hydro-Quebec. The shell has been developed by Hydro-Quebec to offer a valuable scheme for various applications of software products, which were originally conceived only for scientific purposes. MODIS, developed by the GKSS Research Centre Geesthacht and the Ontario Ministry of Environment, is a powerful simulation model, which calculates the behaviour of plumes in the lower atmosphere. The model was validated under a bilateral project in the framework of Canadian-German co-operation by using data of the EPRI Plume Model Validation Project. A further application of MODIS has been undertaken to determine the dispersion of gaseous mercury from a previous strong emission source located in the former German Democratic Republic.

Keywords: local dispersion, mercury, numerical modelling, software shell, plume model, atmospheric dispersion models, environmental impact assessment, air pollution, environmental pollution, Canada, Germany

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