The potential of energy conservation and emission reduction for the Chinese boilers


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With the publication of the coal convert to gas fired boiler policy, to control the pollution from the resource, all the provinces has removed, stopped and reformed to the high energy saving coal fired boilers. It is reported that there is a huge space in the energy saving and emission.

low combustion, high energy saving potential

the Chinese industrial boiler has a wide market,and most of them is coal fired has little differences between domestic and foreign countries in the boiler designing efficiency, but it only has about 70%, which is lower 10% than the foreign advanced level. What’s more, according to the data,it is said that as the second coal fired big user, industrial boiler is one of most fuel consumption equipment, and it exceeds 70 million ton each year, and the insufficiency consumption, the recycle of the waste heat can cause the waste of the energy.

clean combustion technology

There are many mature technology in the domestic industry boiler reformation, especially the consumption technology, such as the coal power consumption, it has the advantages of fast consumption and high efficiency, and less heat loss etc, so it is widely used in the industrial boiler.according to the statistics, there are still many boilers adopting this technology, so it has a wide space to fully realize the advanced combustion technology.

diversified development

Not only does energy conversation and emission reduction say the coal convert to gas fired boiler, but also it can be led to the trend of CMW boiler and biomass fired. With the change and reform of energy supplying structure, the clean fuel and high efficiency and low pollution industrial boiler has been the trend of the industry boiler market. In one word, it still has a big potential for the development of the industry boilers.

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