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The potential of green gas in the Dutch transport sector

In theory, green gas has the potential to become an attractive alternative for fossil fuels so as to contribute to the transport sector becoming more sustainable and environment–friendly. However, the large–scale implementation of green gas is hampered by many uncertainties. In this paper these uncertainties are assessed through on a series of SWOT analyses based on a study of the existing literature and inputs from stakeholders. The results of the SWOT analyses show that there are good prospects for the implementation of green gas in the longer run. The amount of green gas needed to replace the current fuel use of cars driving on diesel or petrol is huge, but it can be produced in an economically feasible way. For several specific markets, notably private cars, buses and trucks, it is found that green gas produced from landfill gas is profitable at least for private cars and may lead to relatively lower costs for the other two uses.

Keywords: green gas, sustainable transport, SWOT analysis, The Netherlands, sustainability, sustainable development, biofuels, biologically degradable materials, natural gas, landfill gas, alternative fuels

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