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The Present Development of Copper Wire Granulator at Home


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Copper, being a non-ferrous metal which has close relationship with human, is widely used in various industries such as electric, light industry, manufacturing industry, construction industry and national defense industry. The consumption of copper only runs after aluminum. However, our copper mineral resources are of shortage. In order to solve this problem, the best solution is to take advantage of copper scrap. Meanwhile, we should realize that more than half of copper consumption is in electric and electrical industry. Therefore, how to recycle the copper scrap of this kind becomes an important task. Copper wire granulator is a more advanced technology in this aspect. 

Then, what about the situation of the development of copper wire granulator at home? The main standards of measuring copper wire granulator are the purity of copper granule, the residual amount of copper in plastic, energy consumption, environmental protection and cost of production. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of copper wire granulator in our country but the quality of these copper wire granulators are of huge diversity. Most of them are imitations with bad effect. The main problems are the small scale of production and low purity of copper granule. Besides, the residual amount of copper in plastic is relatively high, which influences not only the recycling rate of copper but also the available level of plastics. 

The copper wire granulators of Amisy represent a breakthrough in this industry. It efficiently solves these problems. All its models are equipped with PLC control system and double crushing machine which would provide you with high processing efficiency and high recycling rate of 99%. The whole process produces no dust and no pollution.Apart from the copper cable granulator, the wire stripping machine with CE certificate of Amisy also has superior performance.

Choosing Amisy, choosing a better cornerstone to build your career!

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