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The Principle Explanation of the Heated Water CirculatorThe Principle Explanation of the Heated Water Circulator

The heated water circulator is mainly used to improve the following problems: when the gas water heater is too far away from the bathroom, causing the hot water to come out slowly in the shower, especially when the hot water bathing liquid is shut off in the middle of the shower, and the hot water is turned on after the bathing liquid, it will take a long time for the hot water to come out, which is extremely unbearable in the winter. However, the heated water circulator (hereinafter referred to as the backwater circulator) is by no means as magical as the merchants boast that it can instantly produce constant temperature hot water. Its working principle is to be explained to you by the simplest model.


The kitchen and bathroom of the hardcover room are located at both ends of the diagonal line of the house, and there is no return pipe in the gas water heater. After installing the water returner, the following changes occur: after opening the main and guard hot water, hot water is pushed into part of the cold water pipe by the driving of the return water motor and the guiding of the one-way valve installed under the farthest basin, besides flowing out of the hot water pipe, hot water is pushed into the cold water pipe through the one-way valve (which can also be understood as the function of the return water pipe). Before installing the one-way valve, the position is disconnected, and the cold water pipe and the hot water pipe are not connected. When the hot water is turned on again after shutting down the hot water, the hot water left in the cold water pipe of the part having black line indicating and the cold water in the total intake pipe enter the water heater together and are heated, because the cold water and hot water are neutralized, which makes the initial water temperature higher and alleviates the problem of the lag of the hot water after heating. But it's not the instant constant temperature hot water, but the first warm water (the residual hot water in the original hot water pipeline), then a small hot water (the residual hot water in the original water heater), and then a cool water (the water heater reaction lags behind the unheated water, in fact, the front hot water is not heated, but was left in the pipe last time heated. At last, the water temperature backs to the normal temperature. Moreover, if the hot water shutdown time is too long, the original cold water pipe will also cool down, and the effect will be worse. Nevertheless, the device improves the bathing experience, and the time spent waiting for cold water to pass is much shorter.