The principles of aeration and mixing utilizing process aerator technology

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Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Aeration and mixing are necessary elements for aerobic biological wastewater treatment processes to maintain a healthy, stabilized biological population and thus, insure optimal treatment of the wastewater assuming there is adequate contact time and substrate available. In the design of wastewater treatment plants, aeration typically involves supply of both oxygen and mixing. Aeration is a large consumer of both energy and operational costs. The Aire-O2 Triton aerator/mixer is a process aeration technology that addresses both of these aspects and is environmentally friendly, which is a winning formula to help achieve long term sustainability.

Aeration technology choice is perhaps the most critical piece of a typical wastewater treatment plant accounting for anywhere from 25-90% of the total operating costs of the plant according to the U.S. EPA1 depending on the type of aeration technology used and the layout specifics of the plant. Therefore, proper selection of this equipment is key to minimizing the life cycle costs of the equipment and thereby the overall carbon footprint of the entire treatment plant.

While all aeration equipment will supply oxygen and mixing to the treatment process, the techniques for doing so and their effectiveness vary widely and are sometimes misunderstood in the industry. A good example is the Aire-O2 Triton process aerator/mixer. The process aerator/mixer is a surface-mounted device introduced in 1996 that utilizes a directional mixer combined with a blower to inject fine bubble diffused air beneath the water surface. The mixer and blower operate independent of one another, which allow the air flow to be controlled to meet process requirements without any impact on mixing performance. The process aerator can be mounted on float assemblies, wall or bridge mounts and on a sliding rail system for SBR systems. The process aerator/mixer is manufactured by Aeration Industries International.

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