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The promise and power of software

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We’ve all seen the overused phrase “The Promise of Technology” emblazoned across colorful, glitzy banners or ringed in neon at trade shows. Though effective as a marketing slogan, the phrase is little more than that—a promise—unless there are practical, hardhitting benefits for everyone in your organization.

Software can either confound or create, depending on what it does and how it’s implemented. Done correctly, the right software solution can unlock a hauling operation’s potential, bringing improvement to virtually every aspect of performance. Armed with objective information, not anecdotes, every stakeholder in the organization stands to benefit.

The best software solutions are those that are fully integrated—that is, they share data and have complementary functionality, even if they come from different vendors. That helps haulers maximize their return on investment in terms of dollars, deployment and staff training.

This idea of software integration is not confined to bits and bytes. Just like the various software packages it uses, a hauling operation is made up of different individuals in separate departments, each performing an important function. The software system should integrate every employee in every department into a cohesive unit that is bigger than the sum of its individual parts. The software solution should encourage teamwork and productivity improvement, increase visibility and transparency, and raise the accountability of everyone in the organization. With software as the catalyst, a hauler can create an operation where teamwork reigns and corporate goals are consistently and enthusiastically achieved—true collaboration in every sense of the word. That is the true promise of technology and the hard-hitting deliverable that every good software solution can bring.

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