The purpose of using drilling shale shaker in oilfield

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The purpose of using drilling shale shaker is to remove the large cuttings in drilling fluid. Each set of solids control system must be equipped with a sufficient number of shale shaker to ensue the 100% processing rate of drilling fluid circulation. Shale shaker is the first solids control equipment to process and adjust the drilling fluid, if the entire operation of the system is operating at or close to the design capacity,the shale shaker has a good performance is required.

The effect of different types of shale shaker

The size,shapes and  and operation of shale shaker screen is various. Which together with the general mechanical properties of the condition of the drilling fluid, drill cuttings screen surface type and number of devices work together determine the effect of the shale shaker. When drilling a well, a selection of shale shaker for drilling rig, it may be appropriate may also be appropriate. If it is not suitable, then the shale shaker must continue to operate, but it is possible to solve this problem seriously by reasonable action. All commercial shale shaker can remove solid phase, however, under the proper maintenance and operation, its clear capacity will be more higher.

KOSUN shale shaker isn’t only made use of inside the oilfield field but in addition applied inside the HDD,CBM,TBM and Dredge slurry separation, which is in a position to separate the bigger solids as much as 780 microns. Inside the oilfield business, shaker is with top-hole sections which save the tank space and simply obtain the high volume drilling fluids.. Throughout the oilfield solids handle program, shale shaker could generate strong G-forces and its successful vibrating motion can swiftly eliminate the solids from shale shaker screens and particles from drilling hole. KOSUN certified shale shaker is able to reach the aim.

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