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The removal of pyritic sulphur from a coal by ozone

The removal of pyritic sulphur from a Mexican sub-bituminous coal in different solutions was investigated. The effects of type and concentration of reagents used and the presence of ozone as oxidant, in a room temperature, were studied. The relevant factors in pyrite dissolution were determined by means of the statistical analysis of variance and optimised by the response surface method. Kinetic models were also compared, showing that the dissolution of pyritic sulphur follows the kinetic model of the shrinking core model, with diffusion through the solid product of the reaction as controlling stage. The results of statistical analysis indicate that the use of ozone as oxidant improve the pyrite dissolution. [Received: December 20, 2009; Accepted: February 10, 2010]

Keywords: sub-bituminous coal, pyrite dissolution, ozone, pyritic sulphur removal, Mexico, oxidants, ANOVA, response surface methodology, RSM, kinetic modelling

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