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The requirement for energy imparted in radiation protection practice

The lifetime probability of an 'excess' cancer for an individual is assumed by the ICRP to be a linear function of dose, without threshold. This linear-no-threshold (LNT) model is not based on firm data, but on conservative estimates which provide simplifying guidelines for individual values for lifetime risk. Yet, such values are currently used as the basis for radiation protection. However, the present authors do not accept the ICRP assumptions with regard to the LNT model, and instead use the A-Bomb human carcinogenesis data as a basis for recommending an alternative method for determining exposure limits for radiation workers. A change in the radiation protection system is recommended in which absorbed dose is replaced with energy imparted. Alternative reporting requirements for radiation protection are also suggested.

Keywords: energy imparted, radiation protection, linear-no-threshold model, LNT model, A-Bomb human carcinogenesis data, atomic bomb, exposure limits, radiation workers, reporting requirements, low radiation

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