The risky business of resource recovery

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Waste management operations, like any transport business, have many risks attached to them and all operators should avoid the “Dodgy Brothers” ignore-the-risks to save costs approach! Any transport business with large vehicles working in tight city and site access areas is prone to accidents and near miss incidents. Add to that the hazards of working with lifting, loading and compacting systems. Then there’s situation hazards such as poor lighting in laneway’s, coping with drunk patrons early in the morning wanting to assist with the collections, inner city residents abusing drivers for waking them up and runners that spring from nowhere while you are trying to safely handle unknown waste types. All these factors expand the potential risk. Yet despite the complexities involved, our industry in Australia has matured and strives now to exceed world’s best practices.

This is particularly evident by it continuing to promote and enhance best practice in operations of organisational health and safety (OH&S) management.

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