The RoHS directive & electrical enclosures


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How does RoHS impact on you?

RoHS means Restriction of Hazardous Substances (used in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). It is a Directive adopted by the European Parliament in January 2003 with planned effect for July 1, 2006. Legally it only applies to certain goods put into the market in the European Union after the effective date, but as a practical matter, the RoHS Directive is fast becoming a de facto standard for the industrialized world. The RoHS Directive applies to specifi c, but quite broad, categories of electrical products. These are typically market-ready products and fi nished assemblies, as RoHS does not apply to components.

The RoHS Directive and the Fibox Specifier

As a manufacturer of electrical enclosures, how has Fibox met its responsibilities towards RoHS compliance?

The RoHS Directive applies to categories of electrical products, where Fibox products are extensively used. Electrical enclosures, defi ned as components, are not directly governed by the RoHS Directive. But while RoHS does not apply directly, fi nished assemblies are constructed of components. RoHS compliance of the fi nal assembly becomes a function not only of compliance in manufacturing, but also the compliance of all individual components used in the assembly. Simply put, the enclosure must be RoHS compliant.

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