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The role of an association of private sector service providers in capacity development


In recent years there had been a tremendous improvement in the solid waste management industry in Lagos, Nigeria when compared with the myriad of problems facing the industry a few years ago.

The improved service delivery in the industry came as a result of the restructuring of Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) – a government owned agency charged with the responsibility of regulating waste management in the State – and the activities of the private sector service providers (PSSPs) in the collection, transporting and disposal of solid waste.

The PSSPs, through their Association, organised a series of training programmes for the waste management practitioners, which include training for CEOs, business owners, senior managers and the operatives (supervisors, drivers and labourers).

The training programme covered topical issues including operational efficiency, the sustainable business approach, financial planning and management, sustainable service delivery, risk management, and human resource development.

This paper highlights the problems of waste management in Lagos State before the restructuring of LAWMA, the capacity development programmes for waste management practitioners and the resultant benefits of effective and improved service delivery within the waste management industry. Equally highlighted are the roles of the Government and its agency, including the role played by the Nigerian financial institutions in providing funds for capacity building in the form of acquisition of equipment and infrastructure. 

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