The role of robotics in the trenchless industry

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The official definition of a robot is “a machine or device that operates automatically or by remote control,” yet this does not really define the information and functions that the robots in the Trenchless Technology industry provide to engineers from local water authorities, municipalities and

It can be argued that the first step towards what we know today as ‘robots’ was the use of tube cameras to nspect mainline swars — CCTV inspection. This system of cleaning and winching the camera through the sewer was very Iabour intensivo and, due to these manpower requirements, quite expensive. Despite this, the information gathered was invaluable lo the asset management project.

The problem with the winch system was that it required an entry and exit manhole; to operate thls system twa access points were required. For example, atarais that connect from the property directly into the main sewer lack the appropriato access. The advent of the cable and dram rods pushinq system facilitated these inspections. This was further developed by Pearpoint Limitad of the UK (now part of SPX) wheri the oonductors that transferred the camera image to the control screen were incorporated inside a cemi rigid rod, removing the noed for a separate cable and rod. Finally the advance in technology of CCDs that produce the image surpassed the use of tube cameras and monochrome pictures were replaced by colour.

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