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The role of the private sector towards Saudisation (localisation)

This paper introduces the concept of Saudisation and briefly reviews its existing and potential impacts and consequences. The Saudi Government embarked on the Saudisation of the workforce as a strategic objective to nationalise the workforce and tackle the problem of unemployment among the nationals. The governmental policy seeks to force the private sector to hire more Saudis, to establish a priority for hiring the domestic workforce without relying on market forces and incentives. This paper emphasises on the extent of participation of the private sector and the fundamental reasons which are contributing in the unwillingness to actively participate in the Saudisation programme. It also investigates the measures which might help increasing the participation of the private sector. This paper recommends adopting a participatory approach in policy-making process regarding Saudisation where the private sector can participate actively with other counterparts.

Keywords: Saudisation, private sector, Arab culture, sustainable development, sustainability, Saudi Arabia, unemployment, domestic workforce, participation, government policy

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