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The Roman Road and the Yellow Caps


Beyond the undisputed historical importance of the discovery of the so called Roman road of Bentivoglio , I wanted to write this semi-serious story to highlight the human side and the events of these last recent years spent together with a group of people, or rather, FRIENDS, the volunteers of the archaeological volunteer association HYDRIA (association of which I am pleased to be the vice-president) period which has anticipated the specific archaeological excavation on the stretch of the Roman road located between Castagnolo Minore and Santa Maria in Duno, that many peoples may have had the opportunity to visit.

Clearly, the work is not yet completed, the research of the road continues towards the north and sooner or later we will arrive at the river Po, where the friends of Ferrara archaeological volunteer groups are already waiting for us, prepared, we hope, to give us a hand.

This story began in 2016, when in the area now occupied by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP, following archaeological investigations, a stretch of Roman road came to light, length of about 80 meters , width unknown ……because unfortunately a part of it remained buried under an adjacent private property.

Perhaps it‘s the ' width unknown ' fact that spurred us to begin this research, which started at first with empirical equipment, over time 'implemented' to make it almost professional thanks to the help of the HYDRIA honorary member Mauro Maccagnani (aka MAC).

So, from 2017, with only a few months of interruption during which we washed tons of pieces of ceramics coming from the archaeological excavation of *Ponticelli di Malalbergo (but this is another story which merits another essay …..) the guys of HYDRIA social promotion and voluntary archaeological association have dedicated every Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning to drilling, in order to trace the route of the Roman road which goes from the Bologna highway to ... we will find out! During our “ local county invasions' we have met a lot of people, not only very kind but also interested in our story, who have allowed us to 'make holes' in their land.

Among the many, I like to remember with great affection Giuseppe Trigari and Mrs. Nara, who on many occasions have welcomed us and heartily helped us regenerate in their home.

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