The SaaS Solution to EHS Software Implementation


Courtesy of Safetec Compliance Systems Inc.

You will find little argument that large-scale software implementation is both costly and complex. The amount of time and resources spent on the decision process can be overwhelming and the slow progress is often frustrating. IT market intelligence thought leaders Mcdonough, Vesset and Tenwolde write in a recent article, “Budget constraints and corporate capital expenditure policies faced by many departments make it time consuming and costly to pursue large software purchases.”1
Further complicating the issue are the IT resources needed in the implementation of in-house, enterprise software. Mcdonough et al continue, “IT Department resources are constrained and may not have time to build evaluate and buy specific solutions for every business problem.”2 Once a software solution has been decided, there are also the obstacles of special installs and the obligatory consultant occupation of the IT department for the next week.

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