The Second Line of Defence

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The environment is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Oil and related products can be a threat to the natural world when they leak, causing major environmental consequences that kill wildlife, pollute water and spoil agricultural land. It takes both great expense and time to clean up a spill, so a second layer of protection is required as a safety net. The first layer of protection present at a terminal is known as primary containment, and includes the tanks, pipes and vessels that hold liquids and the devices fitted to them to allow them to be safely operated. Secondary containment consists of enclosed areas known as bunds or berms, composed of concrete or earth walls, present to hold in any escaped liquids and any water or chemicals used in fire-fighting. Tertiary containment includes drains designed to limit the passage of petrochemical products offsite, and raised kerbs to prevent liquids that have breached the bunds and general area around the site.

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