The Secrets behind the Success of an Automobile Wash Business

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A steam car wash business can be a highly successful business. Recession or no recession, people have to clean their vehicles. A recent survey revealed that on an average every vehicle gets cleaned at least once every month. You can do the math and figure out the potential profit of auto detailing.

The opportunity is there. However, it does not mean that you just start a steam car wash business to get profits. The dedication and financial discipline required for every business should be put into practice here too.

One mistake many novice entrepreneurs make is to employ only one type of cleaning machine. In the case of a steam car wash business, it is a big mistake. Employing multiple effective cleaning machines is the secret behind the success of top-notch automobile detailing.

This article deals with the reasons behind the use of multiple cleaning machines for the success of a steam car wash business.

Steam cleaners
These are basically hard surface cleaners. These machines clean with their high temperature output. Top class machines provide an output temperature as high as 250°F.

These are mainly used for cleaning most hard surfaces within vehicles, such as door jambs, leather, vinyl, dashboards, and more. Vapor steam cleaning machines can spot-clean the mats and carpets too. However, these machines should not be used to deeply clean fabric seat upholstery. The vapor consists of low water content of only about 5%, which is way too little to clean these surfaces effectively.

So, a steam car wash business cannot function with just steam cleaning machines alone.

Pressure washers
A pressure wash machine is a hard surface cleaner like a steam cleaner. The major difference is in the mode of functioning. Power washers use much higher output pressure and water flow for outstanding cleaning results, instead of mainly output temperature as a feature of vapor machines. These high-powered machines are ideal for cleaning the hard surfaces too.

However, never use a power washer with an output pressure level of more than 1500 psi as an auto detailing equipment. The high power output could detrimental to the paint.

Pressure wash machines are excellent for a mobile car wash business. These machines can be either be attached to wheels or mounted on a truck or trailer. Most owners of mobile car wash businesses consider power washers as their top performing asset.

Still, car steam cleaners or car pressure wash equipment cannot be used as a single auto detailing equipment, as these are unsuitable for cleaning the soft interior surfaces of vehicles, such as car mats and seat upholstery.

Carpet cleaners
It is in this scenario that a carpet cleaning machine steps in. These machines can do what a pressure cleaner or portable steam cleaner cannot do. A carpet extractor can efficiently and effectively clean the mats, carpets, and fabric seat upholstery of a vehicle.

There are specialized carpet shampooers for cleaning vehicles. These machines provide heated output and are equipped with low flow technology.

However, carpet cleaning machines cannot perform the tasks of both car steam cleaners and pressure cleaners. So, the only way to clean a vehicle comprehensively is to use multiple cleaning machines.

To sum up, you require a combination of power cleaners, portable steam cleaner machines, and carpet cleaning machines to successfully run an auto detailing business.

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