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The selection steps in rising stem gate valve


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Selection of rising stem gate valve generally follow the following steps

  •  According to the valve in the device or process piping applications , determine the valve is working. For example , the working medium , working pressure and working temperature.
  •  According to the working medium , the working environment and user requirements to determine the level of the valve sealing performance .
  •  the use of the buried gate valve  according to the valve type and drive . Types such as cut valve , regulating valve , safety valve , Other special special valves and the like. Drive means such as worm , electric and pneumatic .
  •  According to the valve nominal parameters are chosen . Valve nominal pressure, nominal size should be determined with the installation process piping to match. Valve installed in the process pipe , so its use conditions should process piping design choices consistent with the standards adopted pipeline system and pipeline Nominal determined , using the valve nominal pressure, nominal size , the valve design and manufacturing standards for can be determined. As some of the valve is based on the rated flow through the valve within the time or displacement to determine the nominal size of the valve .
  • According to the actual operating conditions and the Karma of their nominal size of the valve and the pipe end form of connection . Such as flanges , welding , clip or screw etc. .
  • According to the valve is installed, install the control , nominal valve size to determine the type of structure. If dark bar valve, angle type valve , fixed ball and so on.
  • According to characteristics of the medium , working pressure and temperature, to correct and reasonable rotation valve body and internal parts of the material.

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