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The Seven Deadly Sins of Process Analyzer Applications


On-line process gas analyzers comprise a relatively small proportion of the capital investment in a grass roots project but they require detailed attention if they are to be successfully implemented and fully exploited. The chain is long and the mistakes are many. It runs from front end engineering design, to EPC detailed design, through systems integration, selection of technique and vendor, factory acceptance test, start up, handover and a life cycle support strategy.

The paper follows a theme made popular in previous papers on The Seven Deadly Sins of Sulfur Recovery, and The Seven Deadly Sins of Amine Treating. The intent is to offer examples as well as quantitative information based on historical experience of analyzer engineering and sample handling details. The subject is one of the least understood facets of a project, the profession is occupied by people from various fields who have made it their life’s work and this is a collection of their findings.

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