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The Shell way to innovate

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The distinctive Shell approach to innovation derives from how the innovation process is managed and executed. The management approach is a combination of a robust business process, with clear objectives and decision points, and a light-touch style of management that recognises the emotive aspects of innovation such as creativity, drive and change. An important aspect is the integration of sustainable development in the innovation effort. Sustainable innovation incorporates the values of society as a third driver in addition to customer needs and technological options. Successful innovation management requires a transparent and effective innovation business process based on a sound understanding of the nature and characteristics of the innovation process. Innovation is a quest for bringing an idea to market, while managing innovation is about creating value during that process by involving the stakeholders, identifying and reducing the risks, structuring the decision-making process and improving the chances of success – knowing that ultimately the winner is unpredictable.

Keywords: innovation, innovation models, innovation management, innovation funnel, GameChanger, business process

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