The small pumps with a big attitude


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Cardev International Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of environmental products commonly used in the maintenance and on-site recycling of industrial cutting fluids and oils, particularly hydraulic and turbine oils.

Cardev’s standard range of OSCAR rigs incorporate several sizes of Mono M range pumps, including 110 volt systems for industrial recycling, and 24 volt systems mounted on the back of earth moving equiment used in hostile environments. It also manufactures a range of specials, including a tramp oil removal system, and a special unit for the movement and recycling of coolants and oils, which utilise the M range pumps.

Dependant upon the specific product, the pumps perform a variety of duties, such as passing liquids through filtration media, transferring liquids from one process to the next, and for dosing synthetic and oil based coolants. Within these applications, liquids range from water based fluids with temperatures up to 65oC, oils up to 360 Cst and pressures from 0 to 3.45 bar.

The pumps progressing cavity design provides a smooth, low shear flow characteristic, making it ideal for
pumping oil/water mixtures without causing emulsification. The pumps are also self-priming, which is vital in some
of Cardev’s applications, for example, if air inadvertently enters the system, the pumps will not cause frothing.

The ability of the M range pumps to handle liquids containing solids was also a crucial consideration for Cardev as it reduces the requirement for pre-filtration equipment. Their positive displacement characteristic enables simple pressure controls to be used to monitor filter condition.

Colin Devonshire, Production Director of Cardev International, is pleased with the performance and versatility of the M range pumps, commenting “Overall the Mono pumps have provided a first class service over a wide range of applications, proving to be reliable, adaptable and economical, with an excellent level of customer acceptance”.

The M range body is manufactured from close grained cast iron, with a stainless steel rotor and synthetic nitrile rubber stator. Various models are available to pump in excess of 3,000 litres/hour.

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