The SPOLD Information System for LCI Data - a Global Solution to LCI Data Exchange

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The SPOLD Information System (SIS) was released in January 2000. This poster gives a quick survey of the system.


As can be seen in the illustration (next page), the SIS is composed of:

  • an Internet based search engine (the Data Directory), linking to data stored at local web-servers,
  • a local web-server software for handling data access (password handling) for the locally stored data at the data suppliers web-site,
  • a local PC-based software for web-server administration, which allows (local) remote control of the data on the local web-servers and ensures consistency between the data on the local web-servers and the information in the Internet search engine. The web-server administration includes unlimited options for restricting access to specific users, even to specific fields in each dataset.

Although the SIS is based on the SPOLD data format (Weidema 1999), there is no restrictions on the format of the data to be placed in the search engine.

The SPOLD Information System is currently under internal testing by a limited number of data suppliers, and will be opened to the public as soon as this testing phase is finalised.

The intention is that the use of the search engine should be free and open for the public, and the placing of data should be free for those data suppliers that supply unrestricted data (free and publicly available). The operation of the SIS is financed by voluntary sponsors and those data suppliers that use the SIS to distribute restricted data (in subscription, against payment, or restricted to specific users).

SPOLD has delegated the administration of the SIS to a self-organised forum composed of those who supply data to the system.

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