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The Trumpcard of Solid Waste management


Solid waste management, when you heard about this word - you will be able to see a dump yard picture infront of you. And most of us are thinking that it is an an optimistic one to give solutions for solid waste management. 

'Every problem is an opportunity' EcoCare Takes this slogan to bring up various solution to solve this mystery and we strongly belive that Solid waste management is not about dealing @ yards -  its about dealing them @ Source.

With the Simpler Solution, EcoCare Technologies has neglected the head ache of solid waste management's segregation through its unique product of Garbodrain.

EcoCare Technologies(since 1993) is achieving this segregation @ source with its simple solution of Garbodrain 1000, which is a food waste crusher connected to the sink of an independent house and that converts the waste into 2-3 mm thickness particles along with the slurry water which can be drained to the drainage.

Being a product development company for the solid waste management @ Source, we are currently focusing on medical waste disposal, Economical, functional - modular Biogas unit, Modular Composting unit with low power consumption and so on for the welfare of social bodies like Industries, Institutes, Residential etc. Our motto is to lasting solution most hygienically, conveniently and safely for the solid waste management.

If the Solid waste can be handled @ source, then we need not worry abouth the landfill, incineration, health issues of municipal workers. So we are reducing the direct impact of the waste handling issues and the environmental hazardness through our solutions.

  And least that we have to remember a saying 'Prevention is always better then a cure' .

                              'OM NaMaSiVaYa'

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