The UK and the US could help improve Canada’s GHG emissions forecasting


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A new NRTEE report on international best practices provides insight on how best to address some of Canada’s challenges in forecasting greenhouse gas emissions reductions accruing from federal climate policies and programs. The study points to the U.K. and the U.S. as having overall best practices in their approach to emissions forecasting with key lessons that can be applied to the Canadian context.

The importance of accurate emissions forecasting cannot be overstated; it is paramount in designing and measuring policies that will help reduce greenhouse gases and deal with climate change. The NRTEE recognizes the inherent challenges that Canada, along with all countries, face in accurately forecasting emission reductions.

While the federal government has taken significant steps to address these challenges, the best practices highlighted in the NRTEE’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Forecasting: Learning from International Best Practices report could serve as a basis for improving Canada’s methodology and governance in its approach to emissions forecasting.

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