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The Value of Sustainability Software


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Through sustainability reporting, your organization is empowered to make responsible, data-driven decisions in order to reduce its carbon emissions on the environment. 

Managing your company's sustainability progress means keeping up with compliance requirements and improving its social and environmental record. Ultimately, you want to reduce potential hazards and risk, create efficient reporting and organize all of your sustainability initiatives with other systems. When your organization combines the right environmental management tools and resources, it will grow into a sustainable business model.

Key Benefits of Sustainability Software

Reduce environmental impact

  • Identifies what business units need to reduce energy
  • Monitor and report on various resource consumption and other key sustainability metrics

Mitigate environmental risk

  • Lower consumption to reduce both environmental costs and carbon footprint
  • Continually communicate progress on local, national or global environmental efforts

Report and track

  • Creates streamlined processes for better sustainability tracking and reporting 

Achieve compliance

  • Produce data for standards such as ISO 26000, Global Reporting Initiative and Carbon Disclosure Project
  • Provides auditors with instant access to all records

Check out EHS Insight’s sustainability software, and start recognizing the benefits of using an automated solution - all while reducing your carbon footprint.

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