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The VIY-2 Ground Penetrating Radar


The VIY-2 ground penetrating radar (GPR) with unique sounding possibilities and use simplicity is presented at this paper. The VIY-2 GPR combines all units (synchronizer, transmitting and receiving modules, power supply and antenna system) into single case. The VIY-2 GPR communicates with computer via standard interface RS232 or USB 1.0. Utilized by the VIY-2 GPR technical solutions reduce deployment time and simplify survey process.

The VIY-2 GPR design features and its components interaction are considered. Some field results are also presented. The VIY-2 GPR design concept allows reducing the data acquisition time, optimizing the time-varying gain control function, applying depth-stacking dependence, controlling the survey window position and interference reducing by pulse repetition frequency randomizing.

Keywords: Ground penetrating radar, GPR, impulse radar.

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