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The wastewater treatment of the food industry


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The wastewater treatment is a process which is used to recycle the wastewater into an effluent that can be reused again. This treatment helps in removing all the impurities from the water. Many industries are involved in this type of treatment to make use of water and not to waste it.

Due to the scarcity of water, this type of water recycle is necessary. Many foods and beverage processing companies have also started the food processing wastewater treatment. These companies have a unique challenge which includes water efficiency and also exceeds regulation compliance standards.

Food and beverage wastewater treatment require some systems and key technologies which meet the purification specification. These treatments help in treating the grease, sludge in the impure water, helps in managing the water as a food ingredient and also managing water for industrial use.

There are mainly four water processes involved in food processing wastewater treatment. The processes are cooling water, boiler feed water, process water and process wastewater. Cooling water is mainly used in equipment which requires cooling of raw materials used in production and used in refrigeration equipment. Boiler feed water is used for cooking, heating, evaporation equipment which is used in production.

The wastewater treatment of the food industry

Process water in the food processing industry typically includes the washing of the food processing equipment and the raw food items. It also includes the extraction, dissolving and addition of water to the final product.

Some of the benefits facilitated by the food and beverage wastewater treatment are: it helps the manufacturers to produce a high-quality final product by supplying high-grade potable water. It reduces the production cost and improves profit for manufacturers. It helps in achieving zero liquid discharge for better environmental practices.

It generates energy from waste and sludge and helps in managing waste and sludge by recovering resources. This treatment involves treating of the effluent streams which can fluctuate in flow and composition includes suspended solids, oils, fats, grease. This water treatment includes some technologies. They are:

• Filtration
• Deionisation
• Clarification
• Membrane filtration
• Reverse osmosis
• Disinfection with chemicals and UV
• Water softening
• Process water polishing
• Biological treatment

There are many water technologies companies which help in building specialized food and beverage wastewater treatment solutions serving the needs of the poultry processing, seafood processing, meat processing, fruit and vegetable processing market segments of the beverage and food industry.

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