The World’s Most Sensitive Spectrofluorometers


HORIBA Jobin Yvon manufactures a large range of fluorescence spectrofluorometers, including bench top models that make steady-state measurement to advance modular systems that can also measure fluorescence anisotropies and lifetimes of your samples.

By virtue of its emission nature, fluorescence is an extremely sensitive technique, as compared, for example, to instrumentation involving absorption. You can think of emission techniques as analogous to weighing a penny by placing it directly on a scale, while absorption techniques are comparable to weighing an elephant with and without a penny on its back, then subtracting one value from the other to obtain the weight of the penny.

Because of fluorescence sensitivity, instruments to measure the emitted light from the UV through IR are widely employed in areas of biochemistry and technology, to probe molecular distances as well as the local environment of structures and cells. They are also common in materials science, especially now that nanotechnology rises in importance. In the world of sensitivity, the instruments that are unchallenged in their ability to detect the weakest of signals are those from HORIBA Jobin Yvon. Whenever we set out to design a new generation of spectrofluorometers, our first criterion to consider is sensitivity. And sensitivity is achieved by attention to details such as optics, electronics, and software.

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