The Zero Index Organization: The Art of What`s Possible


In the simplest terms, safety is suffering a crisis of execution. Many leaders want to create an organisation where “safety is who we are,” where “zero” is a reality, yet, few can describe what that means in real terms. Employees know that safety is important, yet find obstacles to safe work in “non safety” systems and processes. We know the elements that reduce exposure, yet we have difficulty creating an over arching framework that collectively supports them.

This paper introduces a state of functioning that we call Zero Index performance: the sustained practice of mitigating exposure to anyone who interacts with an organisation—not just your employees but also your customers, vendors, visitors, and community. Zero Index organisations are distinguished by their ability to take a big picture view of how safety performance occurs. Safety is not a programme, but an integral business function that is influenced by, and in turn influences, operational execution.

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