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Thermal coupling system analysis of a nuclear desalination plant

When a nuclear reactor is used to supply steam for a desalination plant, the method of coupling has a significant technical and economic impact. The exact method of coupling depends on the type of reactor and the type of desalination plant. As a part of Nuclear Desalination Demonstration Project (NDDP), BARC has successfully commissioned a 4500 m³/day multi-stage flash desalination plant coupled to Madras Atomic Power Station at Kalpakkam. A desalination plant coupled to nuclear reactor of pressurised heavy water reactor type is a good example of dual-purpose nuclear desalination plant. This paper presents the thermal coupling system analysis of this plant along with technical and safety aspects.

Keywords: nuclear desalination, PHWR, pressurised heavy water reactors, nuclear desalination demonstration plant, MSF, multi-stage flash, IHX, isolation heat exchangers, coupling loop, nuclear safety, reactor safety, nuclear energy, nuclear power, dual-purpose plants, thermal coupling

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