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Thermal Energy Utilization in Waste Tire Recycling

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Thermal energy utilization is one of waste tire recycling methods. Thermal energy utilization is used waste tires as alternative fuel. Is a high calorific value waste tire material, per kg higher calorific value than the wood of 69%, higher than that of bituminous coal 10%, 4% higher than Coke. But  the pollution is seriously direct comparison of combustion heat recovery, so this way should not be promoted.

Effective use of thermal energy method for the tire is: shredding of discarded or used tires, and proportionally mixing with various combustible waste, the preparation of solid waste fuels, for injection into blast furnace and Coke instead of coal, oil, rotary kiln for cement instead of coal and thermal power generation. Meanwhile, the law also byproduct carbon black–to build, can be used as reinforcing agents, upon activation, once again for the production of rubber products.

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