Thermal Plasma Technology Supports Precious Metal Recovery from WEEE

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Courtesy of Tetronics (International) Limited

The article provides an overview of the history of electrical wastes, where we are today and the potential value that can be generated from recovering the valuable precious metals it contains going forward.   The article also discusses how Tetronics’ patented DC Plasma technology has been successfully employed in a wide range of environmental applications including Precious Metal Recovery from Electrical Wastes.


Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) consists of discarded electrical or electronic devices from domestic, commercial and industrial sources. Before the introduction of the WEEE Directive in January 2007, the disposal of electronics waste was largely unregulated. This led to a rather informal attitude to the process¬ing of electronic waste, which can cause serious health and pollution problems, and allowed society to discard a major source of scarce and valuable metals.

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