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Thermoeconomic design optimisation of a refrigeration evaporator

An exergoeconomic optimisation analysis is presented considering the main three component exergy destruction: the pressure losses IΔΡ, temperature difference IΔΤ and specific humidity gradient IΔω. The sum of the annual capital cost, Zev, and the cost of compensation for the total exergy destruction is taken as the optimisation objective function. The tube diameter, the air velocity and the fin thickness are optimised using the Hooke and Jeeves method. The results show that the minimum cost of the optimum evaporator design parameters is obtained when the tube diameter, air velocity and fin thickness are 1/2', 3 m/s and 0.1 mm respectively.

Keywords: exergy analysis, exergy destruction units, thermoeconomic optimisation, refrigeration evaporator, design optimisation, tube diameter, air velocity, fin thickness

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