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thin wall high speed precision injection molding machine


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For thin wall plastic parts molding, high speed precision molding machine is the key point. At the same time,thin wall molding has high requirement for the high speed injection molding, like high injectin speed,high responsibility, high clamping force,and high effiency and precision plasticization system.

Thin wall plastic product, usually we define the thickness below 1mm as the thin wall plastic parts. Obviously the thin wall plastic parts, the more thinner wall, the lower plastic material cost. Take the fast food box for example, the standard thickness is 0.5mm, if we can decrease its thickness to 0.4mm, then its material cost can be decreased by 20%. At the same time, since the wall is thicker, it will shorten the plastiziation time and cooling time, thus to shorten the whole cycle time, improve the molding effiency.

During the molding process, because the mould die surface is cold, when the plastic melt fill the cavities, it will form  a solidified layer, which can smaller the flowing runner area. If the solidified layer completely freeze, it will stop the plastic melt flowing into the cavities, and the plastic parts will appear unfullfill or flash issue. Usually, the thiner, the easier these issue caused.

In order to sovle these issue, we have to improve the injection speed, which can fullfill the cavities before the plastic melt freezing. For the traditional high speed injection machine, the injection speed is usually at 80~100mm/s, it cannot satisfy the thin wall injection molding requirement. In order to increase the injection speed, usually we will large the pump motor capacity,assemble accumulator. Traditional thin wall high speed precision molding machine injection speed is around 200~300mm/s,  super high speed thin wall injection molding machine can achieve the injection speed at 1000mm/s. Currently in china our thin wall high speed injection machine speed can reach 500~600mm/s.

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