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THM Removal in a 750,000 gallon tank - Case study


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>60% reduction in TTHMs achieved.
Topics: trihalomethane reduction, spray aeration

System Overview: This municipality purchases water from a neighboring community.

Disinfectant Type: Chlorine

Tank / Reservoir Build Information:

  • Name: East Tank
  • Volume: 750,000 gallons
  • Construction: welded steel
  • Height: 45 feet.
  • Diameter: 60 feet Type: ground storage
  • Daily Inflow: 150,000 gallons
  • Max. Fill Rate: 175 gpm

Pre-Deployment Conditions: Excessive trihalomethane (THM) concentrations were creating compliance issues. Other issues included: thermal stratification, uneven water age, and accumulating tank ice during winter months.

Project Objectives: Total trihalomethane (TTHM) reduction.

Solution: One (1) GridBee® SN Series Small Frame Spray Aeration Unit with blower ventilation and one (1) GridBee® GS Series Potable Tank Mixer deployed in August 2012.

Results: Water quality improved significantly. Certified laboratory tests have documented a 62% reduction in total THMs. No thermal stratification or ice related issues have since been reported.

Update: Positive results in the East Tank have led to the purchase of an additional GridBee® GS Series Potable Tank Mixer for their West Tank.

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