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THM Removal in Two 300,000 Gallon clearwells - Case study


Courtesy of Medora Corporation

Greater than 60% THM reduction observed
Topics: clearwell, certified tests, chlorine, trihalomethane reduction, stratification

System Overview:
Water flows in series through Clearwell #1 to # 2, then onto distribution.

Tank / Reservoir Build Information:

  • Tank Type: Two (2) Identical, Cylindrical, Steel GST
  • Tank Size (Gallons): 300,000
  • Height (ft.): 16.75
  • Diameter (ft.): 58
  • Roof Type: Flat
  • Baffles: Tanks are divided into four (4) sections.

Disinfectant Type: Chlorine

Conditions: The community conducted a distribution system evaluation for total trihalomethanes (TTHMs).

Concentrations at several locations exceeded the maximum contaminant level of 80 ppb as required by EPA Stage 2 DBPR.

Objectives: To lower their TTHMs to be in compliance with EPA.

Solution: Clearwell #1 & # 2: One (1) Large Frame SN Series THM Removal System

Results: The community has conducted certified lab tests during the peak THM season. Results show consistent THM reduction of 60% or more. (See chart below for certified lab test results). The community is pleased with the ongoing results in THM reduction, and is happy with Medora Corporation's service and support as well.

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