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Three Eccentric Multi-level Metal Seal Sanitary Butterfly Valve Features

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Three eccentric multi-layer metal seal sanitary butterfly valve is a long life, energy-saving butterfly valve with no leakage. Products meet the relevant national standards. The sealing ring adopts the multi-layer structure with both soft sealing and sealing. It is suitable for regulating the flow and cutting fluid on the medium pipes such as metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical industry, air, gas and water supply and drainage with the medium temperature lower than or equals to 65 degrees Celsius. Its sealing performance is reliable, and is in the field of extension and development of universal butterfly valve to medium or high temperature. Based on this structure, PTFE can be replaced by multi-layer seals to form a new generation of three eccentric PTFE seal butterfly valve, which is widely used in corrosive medium temperature environment lower than or equals to 200 degrees Celsius. It has the following features:

1. No matter at low or high temperature conditions, it has excellent sealing performance.

2. Seat and disc has almost no friction with zero leakage.

3. Opening and closing torque is small with flexible operation and energy-saving vitality.

4. It has wide range applications of high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant.


5. A wider range of use and long service life is expected.

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