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Three Factors to Help You Choose the Right Carpet Shampooing Machine


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Whether you are a home user or a contractor for commercial carpet washing, it is important that you choose the best carpet shampooing machine. The right carpet shampooing machine is the one that matches your requirements the closest. Therefore, while some people may prefer a heated carpet washer, other buyers may choose a non-heated one. Similarly, some people may opt for an upholstery wand along with their regular carpet cleaning wand, while some people may just require a carpet cleaning wand with their carpet shampooing machine.

There are many features that will eventually help you decide which carpet shampooing machine to purchase. However, three features that stand out are the ones mentioned below:

Flow Rate
With the restrictions on water use and potential for drainage problems, you cannot afford a carpet cleaning machine that uses too much water. Therefore, it is in your best interest to buy a machine that is water efficient and utilizes minimal water to wash carpets. This type of a machine helps contractors brand their business as eco-friendly. The second advantage is that they reduce costs associated with water disposal. Their large solution and disposal tanks allow the carpet cleaning machine to run for longer durations.

By far, the biggest advantage of a machine with a low flow rate is the fast carpet drying post-wash. Reduced carpet drying time eliminates the possibility of fungal growth on carpets. This is another advantage that contractors can play up when looking for clients. Mold on carpets can trigger allergies and respiratory illnesses. That is why contractors who can provide the assurance that they will be able to take care of the problem before it even arises are those who would be seen more favorably by clients.

Extraction of Water
Common sense tells us that the more water is extracted from the carpet after washing, the faster the carpet dries. Therefore, you should choose an industrial carpet extractor that is geared for maximum water extraction. Along with water, these machines are also able to extract most of the dirt and detergent from carpets. Extraction capabilities of the carpet depend on a variety of factors. There are some commercial carpet cleaners that feature up to three vacuum motors for the extraction of moisture and detergent. These machines also feature wands that enhance the extraction powers of the carpet cleaning machine.

While on the subject of wands, it would be pertinent to discuss the right size of the wand for carpet washing and upholstery cleaning. For regular carpet cleaning, you require 12in. wands. For cleaning upholstery, including fabric car seat covers, you require a smaller 4in. wand. Most carpet cleaners will have one or the other of these wands, with an option of purchasing the second type of wand, if required.

Commercial carpet steam cleaners also offer other advantages, such as high temperatures. Machines which can heat water achieve temperatures as high as 210°F, while machines that cannot heat water optionally use hot water for cleaning. An industrial carpet extractor also attains high pressure levels of up to 500 psi adjustable for different carpet types. The carpet cleaning machines offer many benefits to contractors as well as home users. These machines help in the long-term maintenance of carpets and keep carpets free of grime, stains, and mold.



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