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Three generic resource-based strategies

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The heterodox resource-based approach differs from the orthodox outside-in approach in that the performance of a firm is regarded as the result of the competitive value of its resources rather than a function of the characteristics of the environment in which it operates. Intangible resources, such as intellectual capital, arise in this framework as idiosyncratic resources from which a firm captures rent. Relying on the resource-based theory, this paper suggests that three generic resource-based strategies should be distinguished: 1) the market stretcher, 2) the techno explorer, 3) the full deployer. The examination of a set of case studies tends to show that high growth is usually reached through a commitment to a full deployment strategy. All three are intrinsically oriented towards innovation.

Keywords: resource-based theory, exploitation, stretching, sourcing, multivalence of resources, transversal organisation, cross-fertilisation

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