Three German Industry Association set up the fourth industrial revolution platform


Three industry associations in Germany, German information technology, communications, New Media Association (BITKOM), the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and the German Electrical and Electronics Industry Federation (ZVEI) (hereinafter referred to as the three associations) senior decision, the three associations to jointly build a file called 'fourth industrial revolution, the offices of the platform' will be officially launched in April, based in Frankfurt (US Frankfurt am Main). They will also establish a unified website. Three associations of this initiative is to promote high-tech strategy launched by the federal government, 'future projects: the development of the fourth industrial revolution', and to consolidate the status of Germany's major industrial countries, whose main goal is to promote industrial development and improve the industrial production standards, the development of new business models and operating mode and put into practice. The three Association believes that the fourth industrial revolution project of great significance to enhance the competitiveness of German industry after the industrial production in the fourth industrial revolution 'will be networked, and across the boundaries of the type of work.

German information technology, telecommunications, president of the Association of New Media (BITKOM), Dieter Kempf professor said: 'The industrial areas are facing outright revolution, the revolution triggered by the Internet.' Create value chain to create value has become net. Fourth industrial revolution, the context of telecommunications technology, automation technology, and production technology are closely linked.

Fourth industrial revolution project 'but also to consolidate the German veteran status of the major industrial countries, and enhance the level of development of the German industry. Dr. Thomas Lindner, president of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), said: 'Germany is fully qualified to play the role of a leader in the fourth industrial revolution: in manufacturing, automation, and information technology development and application very prominent, but also?electric stacker?has a long history of industrial networks. '

Friedhelm Loh, president of the German Electrical and Electronics Industry Association (ZVEI), said: 'We want to take full advantage of Germany's leading edge in software-intensive industry, so that in the future Internet of Things and the field of industrial services ahead of our three associations Germany will work together to fight the technology leader in the field of Internet-based innovation and production. '

Beginning last year, experts from the fields of economy, science, collected in four how to meet the fourth industrial revolution, and became the winner of the recommendations of the revolution in Germany. The three associations to establish offices will continue to study the 'fourth industrial revolution project. Hannover Fair,?Material Handling Equipment?held in April this year, the experts will summary of the proposal at hand and eventually presented to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The three associations have persuaded many industrial enterprises in Germany to be added to the fourth industrial revolution project. Fourth industrial revolution platform 'This office will consist of a Steering Committee, the economic guidance departments, as well as multiple thematic working groups composed. Three Association sincerely invite major federations, and organizations to join the thematic working groups, members of the Steering Committee by the three associations of enterprises. Rainer Glatz, the person in charge of the Office of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) fourth industrial revolution platform said: Our goal is to become the core of the fourth industrial revolution institutions attract and coordination of all those involved in the resources of the revolution.

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