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Three Plate Molds


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Three-Plate mold is a mold which had a runner plate in between moving half and fixed half. The runner exists between the runner plate and the fixed half.The cavity is located in between the runner plate and the moving half of the mold. Pin-point gates typically locate at the middle of the plastic part, away from its edge, satisfying the aesthetic requirement and eliminating the process for cutting off the gates.

 A three-plate mold had the following features:

A. Its gates can be located at the middle of the plastic part

B. It allows pin-point gates

C. It may eliminate cutting off the gates manually, when pin-point gates or submarine gates are used.

D.It has to take out both the part and the runner respectively.

E.The injection molding machine should have suffcient mold opening distance.

F.It has a complex struture, more problematic and less durable.

G. It carries a higher mold cost.

H. It has a long molding cycle.


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