Three Steps to Prevent Hair Loss

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In term of hair loss, hundreds of reasons can be listed to blame. Hereditary, for example, is one of them making the task of reversing hair a bit trickier. However, you don’t rush to feel depressed since there are other types of hair loss that are a direct result of something you are either doing or a medical condition you are suffering from which make prevention impossible and effective on this type of thinning hair.

Here we list some simple steps that you can take to aid in your hair loss prevention: hair loss can be caused by improper care or environmental damage.

Hair Styling

Usually hair that is repeatedly colored, ironed, styled, and blown dry is much more likely to thin or fall out than hair that is left its natural color and styling is kept to a minimum. However, if you have to color your hair, it’s better to allow six to eight weeks in between color sessions, even longer if possible. Also avoid styles that pull or strain the hair follicles such as braids and pony tails.

Hair Care

When brushing your hair, it’s better not to pull or tug harshly. Gently work the knots out from the bottom to the top. Use a good shampoo and conditioner every time you shower and have your hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends.

Health Issues

Certain health issues such as medications, stress, and lack of protein or iron can also lead to hair loss, when hair loss prevention is much easier than others. Medication, if it is, then let your doctor know the possibility and find an alternative. Lack of some element, if it is, then increase your iron and protein for example in your daily diet and try to either avoid stressful situations or at least learn techniques that will help you deal more effectively with that stress. Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining healthy, thick hair.

Hormonal imbalances can also trigger you hair to fall out in both males and females. In such situation, you can consult with your doctor about your concerns.


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